What is Mongol Valley?

    For the past few decades mankind has brought impossible things into reality. This phenomenon is still continuing. Few years ago, Mongolians never thought of competing with talented engineers from all over the world. Today the old Ideology that we had is already left behind, our Mongolian engineers are equally great or more than the engineers once we thought we would never exceed them.

    With the project Mongol Valley, we would enable numerous opportunities to Mongolian engineers living domestically and internationally. Mongol Valley will be the gathering point of all the Mongolian unicorn projects, start-ups and innovations.

    Our engineers from all over the world are being part of the leading global tech industries with their skill sets. The problem is we took too long trying to succeed on our own. Now is not a time to be on our own, but to unite once again just like our Ancestors to lead & conquer the world with tech innovations together with all the engineers (diverse) around the world.

    Mongol Valley, talented engineers with freedom to create and innovate.

    Why is it important?

    • Create our own Mongolian unicorn project by uniting together.
    • Mongolian Valley is the foundation of our unicorn project.
    • Learn to compete in international market and get support from Mongolian Valley.
    • Development in field of education, medics, entertainment and such will all be built in Mongolian Valley.